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My work

Infinite Closet fashion rental
Infinite Closet
Fashion rental
  • Platform which allows individuals to wear nice clothes while being sustainable and cost-friendly.
  • The site integrates with a sustainable delivery and cleaning service to automate many actions required in the order lifecycle.
  • Business owners can easily add/modify products in the store.
  • Fully responsive.
Land Decor Inc; Outdoor decor and equipment distributer
Land Decor Inc
Outdoor decor and equipment distributer
  • Request services through the website.
  • Users can order equipment directly from the website.
  • Owners can easily add/remove products.
  • I handled domain and server hosting.
  • Made in Webflow.
  • Fully responsive.
Klean Studios website
Klean Studios
Studio recording and artist promotion
  • Provides a user dashboard to simplify life for the business owner.
  • Clients can schedule recording times and get expected cost for session.
  • After sessions, clients can pay online.
  • Admin can easily view scheduled sessions, update/change existing ones and change service rates.
  • Fully responsive.

About me

My name is Trey Wilkinson. I'm an independent freelance developer who enjoys helping small business navigate the digital age. I excel at creating dynamic, responsive, and functional websites that help your business thrive.

I can help you with:
  • Building/improving websites to help you share information about your business, sell your products, and more!
  • Creating infrastructure to help you manage your business including managing product stock, tracking purchases, etc.
  • Establishing your digital brand presence.
  • Managing domains and hosting.
  • Reaching as many people as possible by establishing strong SEO, responsive design that works for all devices, and accessibility.